Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vocabulary Journal

This activity is designed to support the new addition of vocabulary in the common core for first grade.

I was shown this idea at a district training. You give your students vocabulary books. When you introduce a new vocabulary word, your students get out their books and write down the word and the definition you come up with as a class. They can also describe the word in their own words. The students then draw a picture to help them remember the meaning of the word. 

For example: if you are introducing the word “sphere”, your students could draw a picture of spheres or an activity you did as a class when you learned about spheres. Let them draw whatever helps them remember the word! The circle on the page is for them to number their pages. That way, if you ever want to go back and talk about a word, you can tell them what page to turn to in their books. 

I have included a page cover for a vocabulary journal and also for a math vocabulary journal. I will have my students have two journals. One for all new words in language arts, writing, and science. The other journal is for math.

I hope you enjoy your freebie!!!


  1. I really think Ill make one of these!!!! I love it! we will be reading a book and she will be like what does that mean mom? Hello! this is awesome! More posts please! I know you have more to share that you are hidding from us!!!

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  6. Thanks for sharing this idea. I am new to blogging and I'm trying to organize a Winter Wonderland Exchange project with classes throughout the country. I am hoping you will consider joining the fun. Please hop over to for more info. Thanks, Maria