Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Grid

A while back when I started teaching, I was told about this idea by a teacher and really liked it! So...I am sharing it with you. I do not remember her name so I can't give her credit. I have seen it in many classrooms since.

This is what I call the Good Grid. Every time I see a student doing something they should be doing, I tell them to go put their name on the Good Grid. You could make it look however you want. I used to have the kids write their names in the squares, but after wiping it off every Friday, it was looking a little worn out. I changed it up a bit last year and did Velcro. This way at the end of every year, I can make a new cut out for the names (with Velcro on the back), and it will look as good as new! Here is what my Good Grid looks like.

So when it is all filled up (I do my drawing on Friday's), I have 2 cans full of sticks. One can has sticks with letters on them (A-E), and one can has sticks with numbers on them (1-5). This is what my cans and sticks look like. Note: your cans will look SO much cuter than mine. I am revamping them this summer. They need some desperate TLC!

When I pull sticks out, I will find the name that matches the letter and number, and that person wins a prize. The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE this! They work so hard to get on the GOOD GRID. I do about 5 names every Friday (you could do more). Any student can get on the good grid as many times as they are caught doing something good! 

Here is what the board looks like with the cut outs taken off with the Velcro on the backs.

I promise your kids will do anything to get on the GOOD GRID!

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