Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Place Value Anyone?

I am back to blogging and so glad to have this blog to share what I have done in my class and to also learn from others!

Every night I hope online and look at blogs. I honestly don't know where you ladies get your creativity!!! You guys are amazing. Well, one night I sat down and I was inspired to create something for place value. I used this in my centers and the kids LOVED them! They asked when they could play some of the games again. I took that as they thought it was a hit!

Here are some of the games included:

1) What number am I? (students solve hundreds, tens, and ones riddles).
2) 10 less & 10 more (solving a place value number and writing what is 10 more and 10 less).
3) Slap it fast (number recognition game)
4) Memory (students match 3-digit numbers with place value blocks)
5) Popsicle place value (matching between numbers and blocks)
6) Place Value Tea Party (game to enforce place value)

Hop on over to TPT to take a peek.

I hope you come back and check out what other ideas I have for you!